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Envelopes and Stamps

5 Tips for Getting a Stellar Letter of Recommendation

I don't know about you, but the idea of asking people for letters of recommendation makes my palms sweat....

women networking

Legal Networking Beyond LinkedIn

Networking is an invaluable tool in building your legal career....

Card Glasses Notebook

Are Post-Interview Thank-You Notes Still a Thing?

I've never once enjoyed writing a thank-you letter. I'll admit it-I find them awkward and tedious....

hello sign

4 Tips for Corresponding with Recruiters

Today, many recruiters use LinkedIn to reach out to job candidates when trying to fill open positions....

Three People Talking Stairs

How to Network in Close-Knit Industries

Let me tell you a little story about small working communities: Two summers ago, I went to a panel where an editor named...

fancy chandelier

5 Ways to Boost Your Career This Holiday Season

Although you’d probably rather kick back on the couch than look for a new job during the holidays, there are many reasons not...

Tips for Updating Your Portfolio

10 Tips for Updating Your Online Portfolio

There are plenty of reasons why an online portfolio might be exactly what you need to make a splash in the New Year....

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