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Do I Need a Website?

Do I Need a Website? An Answer to a Digital-Age-Old Question

Websites are an incredible way to build a personal brand and take control of your online presence....

business plan

5 Things to Consider before Starting Your Own Business and Working for Yourself

Self-employment can be an attractive career path, thanks to the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want, the...

6 Things to Do To Your Resume Before the New Year

6 Things to Do to Your Resume before the New Year

A lot of people think the holiday season is a bad time to look for a new job....

Girl Smiling Meeting

5 Things to Do Before Leaving Your Internship

Winter semester's almost over-I hope all you interns out there got some good experience, made connections, and had fun!...

mini wind turbines

7 Jobs with the Best Employment Prospects in 2019

New technologies are popping up daily, and automation is on the rise....

woman on laptop startup on screen

7 Things You Need to Learn to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

To stay at the top of their game, entrepreneurs need be diligent when it comes to self-improvement....

Woman Typing Couch

The Number-One Rule for Cover Letters

Okay look-resumés are great. When done right, they're clean, concise, and well organized....

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