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Do I Need a Website?

Do I Need a Website? An Answer to a Digital-Age-Old Question

Websites are an incredible way to build a personal brand and take control of your online presence....

pine cone present

Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers

Is anybody else out there having trouble checking off the people on their holiday shopping list?...

Planner Spread January

Five Ways to Trick Yourself into Keeping a Planner

Grown, responsible adults keep a calendar-or so my mother has told me my whole life....

business plan

5 Things to Consider before Starting Your Own Business and Working for Yourself

Self-employment can be an attractive career path, thanks to the flexibility to work whenever and wherever you want, the...

serious faces

3 Actions to Take When a Coworker Takes Credit for Your Work

Witnessing a colleague take credit for your work or ideas ranks among the most frustrating workplace situations you can face....

Person at laptop with pen

Insider Advice on 1L Legal Fellowship Opportunities

The summer after 1L year is a valuable time to gain hands-on practice experience in the legal industry....

6 Things to Do To Your Resume Before the New Year

6 Things to Do to Your Resume before the New Year

A lot of people think the holiday season is a bad time to look for a new job....

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